Creating your Lilypie Baby Days
Choose kind of ticker: Start by clicking on the kind of ticker you want to make. You can choose from: Pregnancy, Baby & Children's Birthday, Trying to Conceive, Premature Baby, Breastfeeding, Memorial or Adoption tickers.

Select the ticker format: The full size tickers are the most popular. The mini-tickers are good for sites with size restrictions or narrow columns. Some sites like Hyves and iGoogle only support the narrower format.

Create your ticker:

  1. Choose a scene: Select the background you want to appear behind your baby.
  2. Choose a slider: Select the slider you want to represent your baby. Please note, sliders move along according to the months, not the years. For instance, for a ticker that shows how old your child is, you could think of the slider as showing how close you are to your child's next birthday.
  3. Add Details: Select the event date, and add details about your baby. For the Information below the ticker, the years, months, weeks and days are calculated for you each day. The Information below the ticker option lets you customise the text at the beginning and end of the sentence.
Start using your tickers: You can add your ticker to many blogs, websites, forum posts, email signatures and Windows Active desktop. Click on the links below your ticker for code snippets and tips on how to use your tickers for different applications. You will also find lots more help and detailed instructions in the Help section.

Editing and updating your tickers: You can always come back and create another Lilypie Baby Days ticker and if you create a free Lilypie account, you will be able to come back and edit your tickers, or get a new copy of your code snippet without having to create a new ticker. There is more about my Lilypie accounts in the My Lilypie Help section.