When I try to install my HTML signature file, Outlook gives me the following error warning the signature file is not a valid text file the signature has been removed. How do I fix it?

This might happen if you used a rich-text editor such as Word or Wordpad to create or edit your HTML file. It is important that you use a plain-text editor such as Notepad because rich-text editors add a lot of redundant text that can break the HTML or make it too big to install as a signature.

Notepad comes standard with all installations of Windows, you will find it in your Start menu under Accessories or just click on Run in your Start menu and type in notepad. Then click on OK and it will start up.

The next thing to check is that you put quotes around the name of your signature file when you save it. eg. "Lilypie_ticker.html". Otherwise notepad will save it as a text file eg. Lilypie_ticker.html.txt and if you have "hide common file extensions" on in your Explorer settings (which is the default) it will show up in Explorer as Lilypie_ticker.html but Outlook will read it as a .txt file.