How do I add a ticker to my mobile phone?

It depends on the mobile platform you are using. We have created applications for Android, and for the iPod / iPhone / iPad.

We will be developing Applications for other mobile platforms. You can sign up to the Lilypie mailing list if you would like to be emailed when new stuff is added to Lilypie.

If you have a browser on your mobile you may already be able to view, create or edit tickers on Lilypie. It depends on the capability of the browser. Not all mobile browsers fully support the code that runs Lilypie. For example, you can view your tickers on a Blackberry, but you can't currently edit or create tickers on a Blackberry.

To View a ticker: Make a bookmark to the ticker's image URL. To View all your tickers: If you have a My Lilypie account you can make a bookmark to your My Lilypie details page.